Alexander Dillon

About Alexander Dillon:

GenCap Management, a New York-based investment firm founded in 2021, is co-founded by Alexander Dillon. When it comes to business support and leadership, he's always been a big part of it. It is Dillon's goal to help a number of small start-ups become major players in their respective industries by investing in them. Through his organizations, he also provides tailored financial solutions.

To put it another way, he's more than just an investor or trader. In 2021, he and two childhood friends opened Olar Noso, a successful restaurant. Northvale, New Jersey, is home to the restaurant. To Dillon, the St. Francis Food Pantry is just one of many charities he devotes his time to. In 2022, he intends to set up his own charitable foundation.

A financial volunteer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Alexander Dillon had recently graduated from the University of Maryland. Over the course of four months, he helped hospital accountants keep track of the institution's finances. The patient's financial situation was also addressed by him.

Founded in 2011 by Dillon, Blackridge Capital, LLC became a successful investment firm over the course of the following decade. Currently, he is the company's Chief Investment Officer. When Tautachrome, Inc. and Blackridge Capital, LLC agreed to a term sheet in December of 2015, it was with the understanding that Black bridge would buy up to $50 million in the Registrant's common stock over the next 36 months.

Investors in debt, equity, and real estate can turn to Blackridge Capital for help with their portfolio management. Equity, debt, and hybrid financing, all of which can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of the company, are the company's primary areas of expertise. They are experts in structures, but they are also willing to consider any opportunity. It has a reputation for working closely with businesses to find the best financing or restructuring options that are currently available to them.

Dillon worked for MD Global Partners, LLC, as Vice President – Special Situations, from May 2011 to May 2013. This company is a boutique investment firm that offers advice on a variety of investment topics, including mergers and acquisitions, structured debt, and public equity.